Premium Account

It's all about making the most of the market with a 30% trading credit

Our Premium account is similar to a mini account, which is midway between a standard and micro account and is sometimes used by experienced traders as well as ambitious beginners with a large budget available. The smaller contract sizes have a broad appeal to beginner investors who do not want to take on a disproportional amount of risk.

In addition to the conventional features of a mini account, our Premium account type offers a 30% trading credit on each deposit. For example after depositing $10,000 initial outlay, the MW account is entitled to $3,000 trading credit, therefore the trader is able to trade on $13,000 balance.

At MW, we are committed to offering the products and services that is uniquely appropriate to each individual's objective. Unlike other credit bonus offers, Premium account is not a onetime occasional offer for attracting new clients, on the contrary, active traders may benefit from a 30% trading credit on each deposit. The trading credit for each MW account, is limited to $3,000 on each calendar month.

Why choose Premium?

The key features of the Premium account are listed below:

Features and access
Minimum deposit $1,000.00 (or currency equivalent)
Maximum deposit $10,000.00 (or currency equivalent) per calendar month.
Base currency USD
Contract unit (lot) 0.1 to 10 (the increasing step is 0.1)
Forex leverage 200:1
Margin call/stop out level 50% / 30%
Trading platform MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4
Expert Advisor Yes
Islamic account Optional
Hedging capabilities MetaTrader 4 only

Withdrawal notice

Upon each withdraw request, the trading credit available in the MW account, will expire automatically without previous notice.

Other trading accounts

You can choose from four different account types in MW, each serving a specific purpose. Your other options include:


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If you're not sure which type you should assign to a new account, click here to compare account types. You may also change your account type at any time, or alternatively apply for a new account in minutes.

New to MW?

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